The Meadow Rosé

Living in Los Angeles, it is always time for rosé. This one we made with 100% of a lesser known grape called, Graciano. Originally from Spain, it is a grape that is super rare and usually only small amounts are blended with Tempranillo to make the famous wines of Rioja. Graciano is a very hard grape to grow and only gives out low yields, so that is why it is rarely seen. However my friend Markus Bokisch does a masterful job of growing it up in northern California’s Lodi region. One of the most interesting and up and coming areas in California for wine growing. 
I originally had contracted the fruit to make a red wine. However when my rosé contract fell through and I couldn’t find any other fruit, I decided to hell with it, I am going to turn the Graciano into rosé! Even though I had never seen a Graciano rosé before, I figured let’s roll the dice. I picked the fruit early so that it would keep its beautiful natural acidity and freshness. We dumped all the fruit directly into the press and didn’t let the juice sit on the skins at all. Even so the color came out this awesome burnt orange. The wine is totally dry and has delicious minerally notes to it as well as little hints of apricots and various fruits. I could not be happier with this wine and I can’t wait for you to try it!