Midnight Companion

MidnightCompanionBottleLagrein is a super rare grape variety originating in northeast Italy. However these grapes came from a little vineyard in the Santa Clara Valley just off Hwy 152 in northern California. I had a blast producing this wine from fruit I bought from Dave and Don Vanni. Two old school farmers that do business with a hand shake and have the kind of smiles that get stuck in your mind. Another thing that got stuck in my mind is when we were transporting the grapes to the winery in Hollister in the back of a couple pick-ups. We started a little too fast off the stoplight spilling grapes all over the road outside some fancy country club in Gilroy. Then a cop pulled us over and no bullshit, gave us a ticket for “Spilling Grapes.” Which in case your wondering is an offense costing $256 in the state of California, but I digress.
Nonetheless “Midnight Companion” came out awesome! Lagrein naturally has these intense deep aromas of dried fruits and a great dark inky purple hue that could make Petit Sirah check itself twice. The wine came out full-bodied but not jammy with great acidity that gives it this killer freshness. In case you were wondering where the label came from, my two favorite midnight companions are wine and guitars. And no, I do not resemble that sweet dude in the picture.
As for the winemaking, like all our wines we just let the wine do it’s thing. Which means we never inoculate with any commercial yeast or put any kind of additives to the wine except for extremely minuscule amounts of SO2 to protect it. This wine was aged for 12 months in neutral french oak barrels and bottled unfined and unfiltered.