Midnight Companion Tempranillo 2014

Rhythm Midnight Companion TempranilloGrown by the Lodi Jedi Master, Mr. Markus Bokisch, these grapes not only are organic, but also Lodi Rules certified (a strict set of regulations set forth by the Lodi growers association concerning sustainability practices.)
Tempranillo is a varietal originally from Spain that came to fame being the star in the wines of Rioja and Ribera Del Duero. A lot of times you see Tempranillo with a lot of new American oak on it. However we wanted to see what would happen if we just let the fruit speak for itself so we let it sit for 10 months in completely neutral French oak barrels. The result is great. You get all these red berry and dried fruit characters along with this awesome gaminess. A beautiful addition to our roster and a killer food wine!