Bike Path 2014

BikePathBigZinfandel may have it’s roots in Croatia, but it grow up, came to be, and found it’s home in California. Definitely being one of my biggest passions, (as Zin is the only winemaking grape to be uniquely Californian) I wanted to show what Zin could do outside of the realm of big juicy fruit. The goal here was to make something elegant, balanced and subtle, yet with structure and tension. The fruit comes from an amazing vineyard in the eastern part of California’s Lodi appellation, known as Clements Hills. Farmed by wine-gangster Markus Bokisch, the Lodi Jedi Master (if you will), the vineyard has one of the strictest certification to sustainability called, “Lodi Rules.”
Local artist Jeni Emery was kind enough to hand carve the label out of a wood block and is an homage to our own neighborhood’s LA river bike path. This wine is an amalgamation of brambly fruit, spice, brush and a hint of gaminess, with enough acidity to keep the quaffability to a maximum. This is not our parents Zinfandel, but a throwback to it’s parents on the Adriatic.