In 1833 commercial winemaking started in California. It wasn’t in Napa or Sonoma. It was in Los Angeles. Bordeaux-born Jean-Louis Vignes built his winery around a gigantic, 400 year old Sycamore – El Aliso. The tree would witness the city grow from the first European explorers to becoming a bustling metropolis. Jean-Louis and others made Los Angeles the epicenter of California wine for decades. These wines are an homage to an industry that once was and a desire to revitalize a local winemaking culture, connecting our city’s forgotten past to its future.


Our pride and joy, this wine comes from a tiny little vineyard about an hour north of Los Angeles in a little town called Agua Dulce. It is farmed by Juan Alonso, a visionary who planted an array of lesser known grape varietals in the perfect spot that allow them to thrive in this desert location. The wine is from the grape Tannat. Originally from the French Basque country, Tannat is rarely seen in California, yet grows so well here.
The grapes were harvested early to preserve the natural acidity and to create a red wine that is light, crisp and fresh. Something to chill down slightly. Something that makes a great diverse food wine. Something that is red and can still be refreshing in the hot summer months. Something from Los Angeles, for Los Angeles.