The Gist

Play music. Drink wine.
Rhythm wine was started in the spring of 2013 when I made arrangements for my first batch of grapes to be contracted during the coming fall. I made a terrible business decision and instead of launching my company on a varietal or blend people are familiar with, I bought 2 1/2 tons of an obscure northeastern Italian grape called Lagrein. Most people in Italy probably don’t know what Lagrein is. But fuck it. This is what makes life interesting.
To make a long story short the wine turned out amazing! There is a fantastic revolution in California winemaking these days where as the new wave of California winemakers are moving away from the Robert Parker fruit bombs of yesteryear and are experimenting with more balanced, elegant wines made from all kinds of different varietals. There are harvest reports you can find from the late 1800s and it is mind blowing the amount of different types of grapes and experimentation that was going on in California before prohibition annihilated the industry.
My goal is to produce great wine with great people. From amazing sustainable growers that care and obsess about every little minuscule detail to my winemaker friends that I have been lucky to collaborate with (and on more than one occasion get way too intoxicated with.) It’s always all about the people. Wine is a medium for people. Otherwise it’s just grape juice.
Also I love to make wine from lesser known/forgotten areas of California and/or to work with lesser known/forgotten grape varietals. Not as some marketing ploy or to be different (there are plenty of people doing that now) but simply because it’s FUN! That’s the only reason I would ever do any of this shit! There is so much diversity and uniqueness in California and it has an absurd amount of micro-climates. I know, I have driven through every inch of this state in my damn truck (possible exaggeration.) I love experimenting and learning and furthering the possibilities of our Californian and American wine culture. Working with my peers to pick up where those sweet dudes and chicks left off back in the 1800s.